The CornyPillar™

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The CornyPillar will deliver the fast chilling times that JaDeD Brewing is know for and is small enough to fit through the opening of a corny keg. Using two 25' coils of 1/4" copper tubing, the CornyPillar can chill a 3 gallon batch of wort to 10° Fahrenheit above your chilling water temperature in less than 6 minutes!

The CornyPillar is designed for homebrewers using an automated brewing appliance that utilizes a corny keg as the boil kettle. This type of appliance is normally designed for a no-chill type brewing. However, if you decide that you would rather chill your wort, you are left with using either an ice bath that takes 45 minutes and uses 10-15 lbs of ice or a reverse immersion chiller that uses 7 lbs of ice and chilling times that are 25 to 30 minutes in duration. The CornyPillar solves this problem providing a fast and efficient chilling solution!

Product Details:
  • Constructed with 100% food safe materials
  • Super fast chill times (3 gallons in a corny keg from boil to 10F above tap water temperature in 6 minutes)
  • Easy cleaning procedure
  • Copper tubing: Two 25' sections of 1/4" outside diameter copper run in parallel
  • All solder connections are lead free and potable water safe
  • Input/output lines: Two 5' sections of high quality vinyl tubing with 0.375" inside diameter and 0.125" wall thickness 
  • 3/4" solid brass female garden hose to 3/8" hose barb fitting for the input line
  • Coil specs: 13” coil height, 3" coil diameter
  • Specifically designed to fit the 5 gallon corny keg
  • Shown with optional stand for additional cost, corny keg in pictures is for size comparison and not included
  • Made in the USA
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