The HYDRA™ - World's Fastest Immersion Wort Chiller

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JaDeD Brewing is proud to offer home brewers the Hydra™, the world’s fastest immersion wort chiller! 

 This chiller is faster than most plate chillers and will chill a 5 gallon batch from boiling to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in just 3 minutes using only 18 gallons of 58 degree Fahrenheit tap water!   

The design of the Hydra™ allows you to have the speed of a plate chiller and the ease of sanitation of an immersion chiller!  

 No need for labor intensive backflushing, sanitizing, and baking of your plate chiller to limit the possibility of costly brew infections.  All you need to do with the Hydra is to put it in the boil for the last 10 minutes, and rinse it off after your wort is chilled.  No more worrying about hops and cold break clogging things up!  There are no hidden extra costs required to reach the specified chilling times, just put the chiller in your pot, crank up the water to full blast, and give it a stir.  No need to spend an EXTRA $200 to $250 for a food grade pump, fittings, and hoses that are needed for a plate chiller to achieve advertised chill times.  

 Are you concerned about the burn off of your volatile hop oils?  The Hydra™ chills the ENTIRE boil to below 140 degrees Fahrenheit in 45 seconds!  This cannot be matched by any other chiller on the market! 


Features include


  • Super fast chill times (5 gallons from boil to 68 degrees in 3 minutes)
  • Fastest of ANY chiller to reach 140 degrees (F) for the whole batch (45 seconds)
  • Easy cleaning procedure
  • No need for a food grade pump and hoses to achieve specified times
  • All solder connections are lead free
  • Solid brass garden hose connectors
  • The coils are 8” high
  • Fits in most all brewpots


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 


Happy brewing!