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The JaDeD CFC boasts wort chilling speeds over 300% faster than the top of the line, convoluted counterflow chillers in a single pass (not recommended for recirculation style chilling)*, with less than half of the water usage!!

Capable of chilling 5 gallons of wort to 68 degrees F in 5 minutes using 58 degree F chilling water, the JaDeD CFC will return times that will make even the most demanding homebrewer happy, with no extra sanitation issues or concerns.   

The JaDeD CFC combines the ease of cleaning of an immersion chiller with the convenience of a one pass inline counterflow chiller.  With the JaDeD CFC, there is no more guessing if your CFC is clean of coldbreak and hop residue from your last batch, just pull off the food grade silicone tubing and look for yourself (unlike convoluted counter flow, or plate chillers)!

Cleaning takes less than 10 minutes, is visually verifiable, and is more thorough than any other counterflow chiller/plate chiller on the market.  

Chiller comes ready to connect to 3/8" silicone tubing for wort input/output.  Additional 1/2" MPT/FPT lead-free soldered connections are available on the drop-down menu above. 

 The JaDeD CFC features include:

  •  Food grade silicone tubing

  •  20' of 3/8" I.D. copper for wort side, 5/8" O.D. copper tubing on the water side

  • 3/4” male and female garden hose fittings for chilling water feeds 

  • FULLY cleanable

  • Faster than the top of the line convoluted CFC chiller 

  • Lead free silver solder connections

  • Fully assembled dimensions: 12" W x 4" H x 31" L

*Please note: The JaDeD CFC is not designed to be used in a recirculation type chilling setup, doing so will result in excessively long chilling times. If you are looking to get a recirculation type CFC, please consider the Cyclone CFC instead.