The Whirly MAMMOTH™ - whirlpool arm

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The only whirlpool arm that is made of 5/8” O.D. copper and is designed to give you the highest possible flow rate!

The Whirly MAMMOTH™ can decrease chilling times by as much as 50% for a high flow CFC being used for recirculation chilling versus a typical 1/2" O.D. whirlpool arm.

Unlike other whirlpool arms, the Whirly MAMMOTH™ is contoured to direct the flow of wort to follow the outside edge of the kettle giving you a nice cone of trub in the center. 


Just hang the Whirly MAMMOTH™ onto the side of your kettle with the provided adjustable kettle klamp, connect the input side of the Whirly MAMMOTH™ up to your recirculation pump with silicone tubing, vinyl tubing, or add a soldered 1/2" MPT or 1/2" FPT copper fitting to the end of it (choose preference in drop-down menu).  Then, let the arm do the work.

Comes with: 

  • 5/8" copper whirlpool arm

  • Optional 1/2" MPT or 1/2" FPT copper fitting lead-free soldered on the input

  • Whirly MAMMOTH™ Kettle Klamp (1)


(kettle and silicone tubing in picture not included with the Whirly MAMMOTH™)