About Us

Who We Are

JaDeD Brewing, LLC is a world wide leader in innovative wort chilling products with a mission to produce impeccable quality products that provide unique solutions to homebrewers looking to maximize homebrewing efficiency.

After finishing his degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, achieving his Professional Engineering (PE) certification and working in the civil engineering field for a number of years, Clay Disney, owner of JaDeD Brewing, LLC, found a new love in homebrewing. Soon, homebrewing steered Clay away from traditional civil engineering projects and JaDeD Brewing LLC was born.

Founded in 2014, Clay put his civil engineering background to work knowing there just had to be a better way to build efficiency into a brew day by reducing chilling times. After years of experimenting with different designs, JaDeD Brewing is now the home of the JaDeD Hydra, the fastest immersion wort chiller in the world and has developed multiple other products to solve a variety of customer chilling needs. JaDeD Brewing prides itself on customer service and working with customers to find the best solution for their needs.

In fact, customer feedback has driven many of our newer designs. The CornyPillar, Lil’Pillar, Concentric Hydra, Stainless Steel Hydra, ElectriChair just to name a few were all started by working with customers to satisfy needs specific to their new brewing setups. As brewing equipment evolves, so do our products!  Good reason to check back with us often; we’re constantly evolving and adding new products to keep up with you! 

JaDeD Brewing sells custom chillers throughout all 50 United States as well as internationally.

JaDeD Brewing is a proud supporter of

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