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Jimmie W., Mar 2023
I ordered the Hydra wort chiller from you, received it 03/17/2023, brewed 10 gallons of beer Saturday. My homemade chiller took 45 minutes to cool to pitching temperature. Your Hydra did it in 11.31 minutes. Works great thank you so much for a great product. 
Tom B., Jan 2023
My wife bought me a Hydra chiller for Christmas and I used it for the first time last night. Normally I’m waiting for a LONG time for the wort to cool and it’s easy to become impatient and pitch the yeast to hot. I hooked up the Hydra with my old 25’ coil as a pre chiller in ice water and WOW! I nearly chilled the wort PAST the yeast temp. I caught it right above 60 degrees and it probably only took 10 mins (might have been quicker). I wasn’t continually stirring b/c I was prepping my fermentation or I’m sure it would have been even faster. 
Your product really changed the game for me. I have an American IPA fermenting right now and it’s so nice not to have the hot pitch temperature nagging at time the whole time. 
Could not give the Hydra any higher review. Thank you for the great product!
Joey C., Dec 2022
Thank you — I was absolutely blown away at how fast the [Concentric Hydra] works — it took less time to go from boiling to 17°C with it than it took my old chiller to go from boiling to 65°C.  Utterly amazing :)
Preston K., Sept 2022
Reaching out to say that through dozens of brew days, the copper coil Hydra that I purchased from you guys has consistently done an excellent job, and the build quality is superb.  Everyone that I show it to raves about it too.


Ken K., Aug 2022
I am still amazed that I can actually watch the temperature drop in real time.
Thanks for the great customer service and an amazing product


David K., June 2022

I just used it [JaDeD Hydra] for the first time Sunday and it changed my life. Have no idea why I didn't get a chiller sooner. Thanks!


Travis N., April 2022

My buddy and I decided to treat ourselves to an upgrade and purchased one of your Hydra immersion chillers.  We are so happy and impressed with the product, thank you!  We even really appreciate that you customized the height of the in/out for our kettle too!  Just can’t get over how much better it does than our old standard immersion chiller.  Wished we bought one years ago!


Tom S., October 2021

Just arrived. It is absolutely perfect for the Braumeister and Brewtools! Thank you for the suggestion of a modified Concentric.


Mark M., July 2021

I just wanted to send a quick note to say the chiller is awesome. I was really down about the chilling process with my old equipment because time is very important to me as a dad of two who works full time, and it used to add 30-45 mins to the brew day. Today I chilled a batch of saison in a Mash and Boil from boiling to 80F in 4.5 minutes (and filled up buckets to water my garden). Could not be more impressed with the product.


Herb S., June 2021

I used my new JaDeD chiller today.  Wow is the first thing that comes to mind.  The chiller got me from 212+ to 80 degrees in about 9 minutes!  I live in SoCal and my ground water is about 70-72.  Got it down to 75 in 11 minutes.  My old chiller plus an extra chiller in ice bath with a pump would take almost an hour.  I have been homebrewing for about 3 years and just started hearing about you.  You have an absolute fan of your product here.  I will be telling everyone I know.  Thanks.


Jason H., March 2021

I got my chiller and…. Okay…. So after using this thing, last weekend, all I can say I WOW!!!!  I heard about you guys from Brulosophy and kept thinking yeah yeah, right, it can’t be that quick. 

Shocked I guess would be a better word…. I tracked it carefully with a timer and my batch went from boil to pitch in less than 10 minutes, no ice, no pre-chill, just my tap water.   I do have a whirlpool in my kettle which might help a little , but damn! I’m super happy with this new chiller !    Thanks for your help with the order!!!   Keep up the good work!!! 


Howard C., January 2021

I used the custom e-Mmersion chiller for the first time yesterday.  More about that below.  I have to say that I very much appreciated the great packing job you guys did.  And, pulling it out and unwrapping revealed a work of art--even my wife was thrilled by it.  It's very well made and it cleaned up quite easily with a short soak in hot PBW.  

As for the performance, it's nothing short of terrific.  I was using it in my smaller Blichmann pot with just over 4 gallons of wort at the end of the boil.  It fit in there very well with enough room left over for a spoon to stir the wort.  With outside tap water at 52 degrees, and a flow rate of about 2 gallons/minute (below your recommendation), I reached 80 degrees within 5 minutes. (Under 2 minutes to 140.) At that point, I switched over to a recirculating ice/water bath, powered by a 600 gph pond pump.  That got me down to 42 degrees in another 15 minutes.  I imagine that will get even shorter if I move to a utility pump as recommended.  The cold break was substantial and started a lot earlier than usual.  Contrast that with my old chiller--usually 40+ minutes to get down to 45-46 degrees.

I'm actually very happy with the product and look forward to many years of brewing with it--can't wait to try it on a larger batch in the bigger kettle.  Thank you very much for all the back and forth and for coming up with a custom design that works with both my brewing pots.  I'll be sending fellow brewers your way when they need chillers. 


Dustin B., September 2020

Thank you for the killer chiller. I took 27 gallons from boil to pitching temp in about a half hour. Saved me over an hour versus my old heat exchanger on today's brew. Happy brewing! 


Isaac J., August 2020 

I received the Mantis chiller as a gift a couple of years ago, and it has worked amazing! I just wanted to let y'all know I really really really love your product! It literally has saved me hours of brewing and made brew day so much more fun!  


Kevin L., March 2020

I brewed again this past weekend and to say I was impressed with the chilling abilities of the Hydra is an absolute understatement!!  As a matter of fact, I chilled my wort from 145-59 degrees in under 5 minutes.  I truly appreciate a product that does everything and then some that the seller claims it’ll do.  It put my reverse flow chiller to shame!!!  I’ll recommend your chiller to all my brewing buddies.  One fantastic piece of brew equipment.  Great product, great customer reps... 


Matt D., February 2020

Just wanted to thank you guys for making such a great chiller. I just used the Mantis for the first time and it’s insane how great of a product it is. Thanks! 


Mike A., September 2019

A few days ago, I used my Lil' Pillar for the first time, and I'm impressed! My 5L of steaming hot wort went from about 204F down to about 76F in about 12 minutes, chilled through water from the garden hose in my front yard. It saved me an entire day of waiting for sanitary temperature drop, and I was able to pitch my yeast within 15 minutes of the end of the boil, instead of 20-24 hours later like the last few times I've brewed. I think the only thing I would've done differently would be to chill the entire wort chiller in ice water prior to inserting it into the mini keg. I have no doubts now that this was money well spent and I'm sure it will get plenty of use in the future. 


Luis Z., August 2019

I brewed and cooled my wort with the chiller yesterday.  I just wanted to reach out to say: What a fine piece of equipment. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Thanks a lot folks! :)