The ElectriChair™

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The ElectriChair™ is a copper stand that acts as a false bottom used to protect your stick-type electric element from the weight of an immersion chiller! Made from quality copper and lead free solder, the ElectriChair™ raises your immersion chiller off of your heating element so you don't damage the element itself or cause a leak at your element's connection.

Just measure the height to the highest point of your heating element from the bottom of your kettle, the inner diameter of the bottom of your kettle, and your kettle wall height, and choose the correct size from the drop down menu above.

Please note: Choose the measurements of the height of your heating element, kettle diameter, and kettle wall height from the drop down menu closest to, but not less than your measurements. Tolerances are already built into the fabrication of your ElectriChair™. If you don't see your measurements as an option in the drop down menu, please send an e-mail to with your measurements.