The JaDeD Cyclone Cleanable Counterflow Chiller

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The JaDeD Cyclone offers homebrewers a high-flow Counterflow Chiller that is ideal for whirlpooling while utilizing a clog resistant in-line chiller. With the 1/2” inside diameter of this chiller, it is virtually impossible to clog, perfect for chilling your favorite IPA or any recipe with a large hop schedule. No more guessing (or hoping) that your CFC is clean, you can be sure it's clean! 

Like the popular convoluted counterflow chillers on the market, the JaDeD Cyclone is constructed of 12’ of 5/8” outside diameter copper enclosed in 7/8” outside diameter copper, easily chilling 5 gallons of wort from boiling to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in under 8 minutes with 58 degree F tap water while recirculating the wort back to the brew kettle. 

Just like other CFC's, the JaDeD Cyclone can be sanitized with circulating boiling water, boiling wort, PBW, or other sanitizer through prior to use. If you want, you can pull off the food grade silicone tubing to ensure that the wort contact area of the chiller is clean.  If needed, you can use the included cleaning rod to remove any stubborn debris left after the last brew day!


The high wort flowrate recirculating back into your brew kettle will create a swirling whirlpool resulting in a cone of trub and debris remaining in the center of you brew kettle after your wort is to temperature.  No need to use a pre-filter in order to keep the wort flowing freely through the large 1/2" inside diameter counterflow! 

The difference between the competition and the JaDeD Cyclone, is that the wort contact area of the Cyclone can be completely disassembled and cleaned if desired!

The wort travels from your brew kettle, through the inner copper tubing, looping around through high-temp food grade silicone tubing and back to the kettle, without touching any of the lead free soldered connections. Easy to clean with the included cleaning rod.

 Features Include:

  • Easy to clean and visually inspect all wort contact areas
  • 12’ of 5/8” outside diameter copper center section
  • Lead free solder used in all copper-copper connections
  • Five sections of high-temp food grade silicone hose
  • Costs $50 less than convoluted non-cleanable competitors

Overall dimensions are 31” long including assembled silicone tubing x 10” wide including water input/output connections x 6” high including water input/output connections