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The Mantis™ is designed to optimize a kitchen faucet as a chilling water source giving homebrewers unrivaled speed and efficiency. The Mantis™ uses dual 25' super efficient 1/4" copper tubing coils connected in parallel. If you are one of the many homebrewers that are restricted to using a kitchen sink, you can't chill faster than with the Mantis™! The Mantis™ is perfect for anyone from a new extract homebrewer up to the experienced all-grain brewer that is restricted to a kitchen sink for their chilling water source. The Mantis™ is so finely tuned for speed AND efficiency that a 2.5 gallon batch can be chilled in 3.5 minutes to 10F above tap water temperature using only 7 gallons of chilling water and a 5 gallon batch can be chilled in 7 minutes to 10F above tap water temperature using only 14 gallons of chilling water. The Mantis™ also features low profile chilling coils, at only 4" tall allowing the chilling coils to be fully submerged in the wort even with the smallest of batches.

Why choose between having speed or efficiency when the Mantis gives you both!

Product Details:
  • Constructed with 100% food safe materials
  • Super fast chill times (5 gallons from boil to 10F above tap water temperature in 7 minutes)
  • Fast chill of entire batch to 140F
  • Only uses 14 gallons of water
  • Copper tubing: Two 25' sections of 1/4" outside diameter copper run in parallel
  • Easy cleaning procedure
  • All solder connections are lead free and potable water safe
  • Input/output: 16" or 20" to top of bend (choose in the drop down menu)
  • Connection type: Female 3/4" solid brass garden hose to 3/8" hose barb fitting (a kitchen faucet adapter will be necessary for connecting to a kitchen facet)
  • Coil specs: 4” coil height, 10" coil diameter
  • Fits in most all brewpots
  • Made in the USA

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Happy Brewing!