JaDeD e-Mmersion™ Series

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The JaDeD e-Mmersion™ Series brings the chilling efficiency and speed of a Hydra™ to brewers that utilize an electric heating element as the heating source that want to chill with the fastest immersion chillers available! The e-Mmersion™ line is fabricated with three 25' sections of 3/8" outside diameter copper, working in parallel for a total of 75' of copper coil chilling power.

Have a circular heating element? Just measure the inside diameter of your heating element, and the height to the top of your element from the bottom of your kettle, and choose from the drop down menus above.

The smaller diameter bottom coil rests on the flat bottom of your boil kettle, within your heating element, so that all of the chiller's weight rests on your kettle bottom. The chiller doesn't make contact with your element. The two upper concentric coils flare out above your heating element, yet maintain a low profile to keep the chilling coils submerged in the wort, maximizing the chilling power!

Have a stick-type element? Check out our ElectriChair™ that is designed to protect your straight or wavy heating elements while using an immersion chiller.

Please note: Choose the measurements of the inner diameter of your heating element, and height to the top of your heating element from the bottom of your kettle closest to, but not less than your measurements. Tolerances are already built into the fabrication. If you don't see your measurements as an option in the drop down menu, please send an e-mail to jadedbrewing@gmail.com with your measurements.