The King Cobra™ - Optimized For Stock Pot Brewing

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The King Cobra™ is the first immersion chiller designed specifically for “stock pot” type brewing kettles. 


Its unique design allows for maximum chilling power and efficiency in wide kettles. 

With the King Cobra™, you can keep all of the chilling power where it needs to be. IN THE WORT! 

Similar to JaDeD Brewing’s Hydra™ wort chiller, the King Cobra™ consists of three, 25’ - 3/8” chillers running in parallel, taking the King Cobra™ only 3.5 minutes to chill 5 gallons of wort to 68 degrees Farenheit using 58 degree Farenheit tap water!  

The solid brass garden hose fittings are threaded onto soldered 1/2" MIP fittings on the chiller, which is superior to a compression fittings that can leak. 

 All JaDeD chillers use potable water safe, lead free solder for soldered connections.

Chiller specifications:

Chilling coils: 14”diameter, 4” high

Input/output: 20” to the bottom of the bend ("Tall" height is 25" to the bottom of the bend)


This product may take up to 3 to 6 business days to ship from ordering.


Happy Brewing!