The Whirly Bird™ - whirlpool arm

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Connect this whirlpool arm to your wort chiller via the provided stainless steel clamp

Just hook the input side of the Whirly Bird™ up to your recirculation pump with silicone tubing, vinyl tubing, or add a soldered 1/2" MPT or 1/2" FPT copper fitting to the end of it (choose preference in drop-down menu).  Then, let the arm do the work of moving wort over the immersion wort chiller coils during chilling.  

Unlike other whirlpool arms, the Whirly Bird™ is contoured to help direct the flow of the wort in the kettle, optimizing the whirlpoolingthat will help create a cone of hops, trub, and cold break in the center of your brew kettle prior to transferring into your fermentation vessel.

Comes with: 

  • 1/2" copper whirlpool arm

  • Optional 1/2" MPT or 1/2" FPT copper fitting lead-free soldered on the input

  • Stainless Steel clamp (1)


If you order your Whirlpool Arm along with your chiller, we will custom bend your arm to fit the contour of your chiller for no additional cost!


(kettle in picture not included with the Whirly Bird™)