LiL' Pillar

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The smallest chiller currently in production with JaDeD, the LiL' Pillar still packs a serious punch!

Designed specifically to fit through the opening of a corny keg, the LiL' Pillar is the perfect accessory for any smaller automated brewing systems that use 1.75 gallon kegs as the boil vessel. Instead of having to wait overnight to pith your yeast, you can use the LiL'Pillar to chill down your 1.25 gallon batch to 68F in 4 minutes using 58F tap water!


Copper tubing: Two 12.5' coils x 1/4" O.D. run in parallel.
Input/output lines: Two 5' sections of 3/8" vinyl tubing with 3/4" female garden hose adapter for the input
Chilling time: 4 minutes for 1.25 gallon batch (in a corny keg) to 10° F above tap water temperature
Recommended chilling water source: Any source (kitchen sink faucet, utility sink, garden hose spigot, etc.)

Shown with an optional stand for additional cost.

Please note as with any chilling system that utilizes groundwater as your chilling source: you will not be able to chill your wort below your tap water temperature. If you need to get your wort close to (less than 5° F difference), or below your tap water temperature, you will want to use the LiL' Pillar for the initial chilling and then put the corny keg in an ice bath for the remainder of the chilling. While we do our best to design the world's fastest chillers, we are still limited by thermodynamics. Using the LiL' Pillar in any situation is going to save you a large amount of time and ice over the traditional methods of chilling in a corny keg.