LiL' Pillar™

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The smallest chiller currently in production with JaDeD, the LiL' Pillar™ still packs a serious punch!

Designed specifically to fit through the opening of a corny keg, the LiL' Pillar is the perfect accessory for any smaller automated brewing systems that use 1.75 gallon kegs as the boil vessel. Instead of having to wait overnight to pitch your yeast, the LiL'Pillar will allow you to chill down your 1.25 gallon batch from boiling to 10F above your tap water temperature in 4 minutes!

Product Details:

  • Constructed with 100% food safe materials
  • Super fast chill times (1.25 gallons in a corny keg from boil to 10F above tap water temperature in 4 minutes)
  • Easy cleaning procedure
  • Copper tubing: Two 12.5' sections of 1/4" outside diameter copper run in parallel
  • All solder connections are lead free and potable water safe
  • Input/output lines: Two 5' sections of high quality vinyl tubing with 0.375" inside diameter and 0.125" wall thickness
  • 3/4" solid brass female garden hose to 3/8" hose barb fitting for the input line
  • Coil specs: 6” coil height, 3" coil diameter
  • Specifically designed to fit the 1.75 gallon corny keg
  • Shown with an optional stand for additional cost 
  • Made in the USA

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Happy Brewing!